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Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent

THE WHAT? Interparfums has reported its results for the 2022 fiscal year. The fragrance giant recorded record earnings for the full year with net income up 40 percent on 2021’s figures and sales rising 26 percent to €706.6 million. THE DETAILS The company noted that it had extended its partnership with Montblanc until December 31, 2030 and, subject to the General Meeting’s ratification, hit its goal of achieving gender parity on its board. THE WHY? Philippe Benacin, Chairman and CEO, commented, “Against the backdrop of a turbulent economic and geopolitical environment, our sales and earnings continued to grow in 2022. In 2023, although many uncertainties still exist, this positive momentum should continue with sales expected to reach €750 million, driven by the continuing appeal of our brands for consumers in a global perfume market that remains buoyant.” The post Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent appeared first on Global Cosme

Summer Skincare v/s Winter Skincare

Summer Skincare v/s Winter Skincare

Summer Skincare v/s Winter Skincare


We all love seasonal changes. Breezy shirts turning to sweatshirts, ice creams turning to steamy Gulab Jamun, and of course SKINCARE! India is home to seasonal changes, hence it becomes important to adapt to those changes and likewise, your skincare routine. While summers are sweaty and sticky, winters are dry and flaky. Let us learn more about how and what changes you can make from summer to winter skincare routine.


Summers invite sweat and stickiness, and hence we need a cleanser that could help deal with oiliness and stickiness. While such cleansers are great for summer, winters require a little  nourishment from the first step itself. TNW-The Natural Wash’s Cleansing Balm is a great winter cleanser and makeup remover. This cleanser will perform a triple duty of cleansing, makeup removing, and nourishing your skin. All at once! If you would still like to use a water-based cleanser, Kumkumadi Foaming Face Wash is a great option for a second cleanse!


Summer requires freshness. Hence, it is ideal to use a water based, light toner that has astringent properties to keep your skin. Such toners or mists are great for summer, but for winters we need something that provides enough hydration to dry, parched skin. TNW-The Natural Wash’s Hydro Boosting Toner-Serum is ideal for winters. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, that hydrates the skin from deep within. Making it soft, plumpy, and glowy. A pro-tip! You can also layer your Hyaluronic Acid toner along with TNW-The Natural Wash Steam Distilled Rose Water!


We are not lying when we say that summers come later, and ACNE comes first! TNW-The Natural Wash’s Pore Minimizing Serum and Anti Acne Serum are great options to combat acne and open pores in summer. While these are great options for summers, winter skin calls for more nourishment. Hence, TNW-The Natural Wash’s Rose Gold Oil is highly nourishing, occlusive serum that seals in the nourishment. Dab the Hyaluronic Acid Toner and ‘Slug’ the oil above to seal in the nourishment. It is suggested to slug at night, and not in the morning, to avoid skin congestion.


While using SPF or Sunscreen is essential in summers, it is equally important to keep up your SPF charts in winters too! The key to SPF is reapplication. In summers, we like to use higher SPF, TNW SPF 50 Cream and reapply every 2 hours. In winters, extra nourishment is always welcomed. Hence, TNW BB Cream is an amazing alternative for winters. This one product gives the goodness of Moisturiser + Foundation + Sunscreen, All in one! You can reapply using TNW Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 to keep your skin hydrated and protected, in any season!

Happy winters!

* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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