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Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent

THE WHAT? Interparfums has reported its results for the 2022 fiscal year. The fragrance giant recorded record earnings for the full year with net income up 40 percent on 2021’s figures and sales rising 26 percent to €706.6 million. THE DETAILS The company noted that it had extended its partnership with Montblanc until December 31, 2030 and, subject to the General Meeting’s ratification, hit its goal of achieving gender parity on its board. THE WHY? Philippe Benacin, Chairman and CEO, commented, “Against the backdrop of a turbulent economic and geopolitical environment, our sales and earnings continued to grow in 2022. In 2023, although many uncertainties still exist, this positive momentum should continue with sales expected to reach €750 million, driven by the continuing appeal of our brands for consumers in a global perfume market that remains buoyant.” The post Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent appeared first on Global Cosme

The Best Safe Sunscreens to Use Year Round

Every time I see someone use a chemical sunscreen I cringe. After the recent recalls of major brands like Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Aveeno, and Coppertone due to high levels of benzine, a known cancer-causing chemical, I’m glad that I made the switch to a mineral sunscreen years ago. Mineral formulas rely on zinc, typically non-nano, to provide a physical barrier on the skin that blocks out harmful rays. For a long time mineral formulas were never as easy to apply as chemical formulas that are popular because they are invisible and absorb instantly into skin. But now there are some truly elegant formulas that feel more like skincare than suncare with safe formulas that you can use daily. And since sun damage accumulates in small doses over many years (like through your driver’s window – remember this crazy photo?) it’s something that should be in your am routine every day. Here are a few of my very favorite clean sunscreens that you’ll actually want t0 wear year round.

For the Ultimate in Daily Luxury: Le Prunier Plumscreen $78

You might recall hearing a lot of buzz about Le Prunier when Chrissy Teagen touted it magical for her skin. It sold out for a year because of her praise and has since earned a spot as a fave among Beauty Editors. Grown on a 4th generation plum farm in Northern California by 3 sisters, its star ingredient is so unique and absolutely nourishing on the skin. Le Prunier’s sophomore offering, the Plumscreen is every bit as iconic as the serum. There is literally nothing about it that feels (or smells) like a sunscreen which makes it so easy to use. It’s also gentle on my sensitive and breakout-prone skin. It’s a light as air daily moisturizer that I’d use even if it wasn’t giving my skin added sun protection. I’ll be using this one for a long time.

For A Boost of Hydration: Taos AER SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen $38

I started using this one a few months ago and before I knew it, it was almost gone. I’m outside a lot- with my girls and playing tennis, and just living in Colorado so I like to smooth something over my arms and neck most days whenever I’m leaving the house. This sunscreen isn’t like most mineral sunscreens, it’s very moisturizing which helps it to absorb quickly and completely without a white cast. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and leaves behind a very slight glow. I’ve traditionally been a SPF 50 girl, but this one has kept me covered and burn-free even after hours in the sun. It’s also water-resistant so I’ve used it on my girls pre-swim and it stays on beautifully without running or smudging off.

For the Car: Indie Lee Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 $42

It always hits me that I need sunscreen when I’m out, especially when I’m driving which is where so much sun damage takes place. I’ve been keeping Indie Lee’s Mineral Sunscreen in my car to put on my arms and especially my hands. It smoothes into the skin so quickly and isn’t the least bit sticky so I put it on the back of my hand and rub it in using the back of my other hand usually at a stop light. I also dab it on my neck and whatever is showing of my chest. Since it leaves no feel behind, I can use it quickly and in the car like I would a lotion and not worry about it staining or transferring onto anything. It’s also water-resistant so it’s pool and kid-friendly.

For Your Purse or Sports Bag: Suntegrity Mineral Sport Stick SPF 30

Since we have sports every weekend (every day it seems like), that will take us from fall into ski season, I need to have a quick and easy sunscreen for my girls. Suntegrity’s Mineral Sport Stick is a quick solution that’s easy for them to apply themselves and doesn’t run or smudge even after hours of activity since it’s water-resistant for 80 minutes. It’s also easy to blend and doesn’t have a sunscreen scent to it. My 6 year old makes a huge mess with tubes of sunscreen squeezing out too much which left white stains on our deck this summer that I had to scrub off by hand. This stick is much easier for her to roll onto her skin and just blend. It also makes face application so much easier and anything in a tube. Suntegrity also has a daily tinted SPF that makes a daily SPF so easy.

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