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Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent

THE WHAT? Interparfums has reported its results for the 2022 fiscal year. The fragrance giant recorded record earnings for the full year with net income up 40 percent on 2021’s figures and sales rising 26 percent to €706.6 million. THE DETAILS The company noted that it had extended its partnership with Montblanc until December 31, 2030 and, subject to the General Meeting’s ratification, hit its goal of achieving gender parity on its board. THE WHY? Philippe Benacin, Chairman and CEO, commented, “Against the backdrop of a turbulent economic and geopolitical environment, our sales and earnings continued to grow in 2022. In 2023, although many uncertainties still exist, this positive momentum should continue with sales expected to reach €750 million, driven by the continuing appeal of our brands for consumers in a global perfume market that remains buoyant.” The post Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent appeared first on Global Cosme

10 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person in 2013

via VIBE Vixen by Andrea Monique on 12/29/12

Vibe Vixen Morning HappinessEveryone aspires to be the chipper woman in the office, who is bright eyed and bushy tailed at the very start of the day.  But it's not always easy to be awake and ready for the day without a huge dose of caffeine and sugar. Lose the morning blues and learn how to become a productive and happy morning person in 2013.

1. Record your favorite late night shows.

Setting your DVR to record all of your favorite late night programs will keep you from fighting sleep to stay awake and find out which dramatic housewife backstabbed the other.
Set aside a day to catch up on all of your shows. You can control your DVR right from your smart phone, so you can manage your recording device from anywhere!

vibe vixen laid out clothes

2. Pick our your outfit the night before (including exercise gear)!

Laying your head to rest with your clothes and shoes already chosen will lead to a restful sleep. Instead of lying in bed mentally combing through outfit options, you will be free to count sheep or say your prayers, or whatever else helps you get a good night's rest.
Also, seeing your workout clothes all laid out and ready to be used will force you to put them on and get going, no excuses!

Vibe Vixen Woman Taking A Bath

3. Develop a night time regimen.

Having a routine that helps you prepare for bed may be your biggest weapon to fight tossing and turning. Two hours before bed, begin to power down; turn your blackberry off, turn the TV volume down, dim the lights and lower the thermostat.
If you ready your body for bed by creating an environment conducive to sleep, you will ease into sleep rather than struggling to catch some Z's. Use your favorite vanilla lotion, take a hot bath or light some candles, and aim to fall asleep at the same time every night.
Once you establish a routine, your body will adjust to this new regimen and you'll sleep like a baby.

Vibe Vixen Woman Asleep

4. Set a R.E.M. alarm

Your body goes in and out of R.E.M. sleep cycles. R.E.M. stands for rapid eye movement, it's the deepest part of sleep usually followed by the lightest part of sleep. If you wake up during a deep sleep, you tend to be more cranky. Adversely, if you wake up during a light sleep period you will feel more rested and satisfied with your nights rest.
Instead of setting your alarm the traditional way, try out an R.E.M. calculator and rise during a light part of sleep. Don't set a backup alarm or hit the snooze button either!

Vibe Vixen Woman Opening Shades

5. Let in the Light!

Let your body know that the morning has come and it's time to wake up by drawing your blinds, shades, or curtains. Soak up some vitamin D and let the sun in to get your day going.

Vibe Vixen Woman Workout Out

6. Exercise in the morning.

Get your body in motion before it can figure out what you're doing! Nothing cures morning grogginess like a good sweat. Knock out your workout, get the endorphins flowing and feel better about yourself by getting in some exercise.
You'll be happy you laid out your workout gear!

Vibe Vixen Woman Eating Breakfast

7. Eat Breakfast

Do your brain and your stomach a favor by kickstarting your metabolism with a protein-filled breakfast. Skip the sugary donuts and the carb heavy waffles and opt for some fruit and eggs with whole wheat toast. You will find that you feel less hungry throughout the day when you start off with a hardy breakfast. Polish off your meal with a tall glass of water to rehydrate your body and keep you feeling satiated.

Vibe Vixen Woman Texting

8. Keep a checklist

Keep yourself from being frazzled in the AM by keeping track of things to do by keeping a checklist. A white board, a Post It note or your smartphone can keep you in line. Remind yourself to take your vitamins, pack your lunch and feed your pet with the list. It's also a gratifying experience to see all of your tasks completed.

Vibe Vixen Woman waking Up

9. Don't Sleep in on Weekends.

Don't undo all of your hard work by sleeping until noon on weekends. If you're getting the proper amount of sleep each night you shouldn't feel sleep deprived. If you do, try adjusting your diet and exercise routine.
Keep yourself from any possible setbacks by staying on course on the weekends.

Vibe Vixen Woman Shopping

10. Reward Yourself

We aren't children anymore who receive pats on the back for doing what we're supposed to. Transitioning into a morning person is no easy endeavor, you should set goals and reward yourself when you reach them. If you stick with your new program, treat yourself to something to help keep you motivated.
Reinvest in your new lifestyle by buying new candles, night creams, sleeping masks or workout gear!

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