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Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent

THE WHAT? Interparfums has reported its results for the 2022 fiscal year. The fragrance giant recorded record earnings for the full year with net income up 40 percent on 2021’s figures and sales rising 26 percent to €706.6 million. THE DETAILS The company noted that it had extended its partnership with Montblanc until December 31, 2030 and, subject to the General Meeting’s ratification, hit its goal of achieving gender parity on its board. THE WHY? Philippe Benacin, Chairman and CEO, commented, “Against the backdrop of a turbulent economic and geopolitical environment, our sales and earnings continued to grow in 2022. In 2023, although many uncertainties still exist, this positive momentum should continue with sales expected to reach €750 million, driven by the continuing appeal of our brands for consumers in a global perfume market that remains buoyant.” The post Interparfums FY 2022: record earnings as operating profit soars 33 percent appeared first on Global Cosme

Organic Salon Products

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Organic Salon Products
Organic Salon Products
By John Massers
The Internet has proven to be a wonderful resource to research organic salon products. Before evaluating different organic salon products, you should first understand the definition of the word "organic" which means "raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals". It seems simple enough that organic salon products should be healthful, promote wellness, non-toxic, and be natural. However it is important to keep in mind that a product labeled as being organic does not necessarily mean it is.
Most women are surprised that cosmetic products, or their ingredients, are not subject to review or approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they are sold to professional salons or directly to consumers. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the consumer to educate themselves on organic salon products to determine just how organic they actually are.
The movement in professional organic salon products has been in creating products that are substantially comprised by organic ingredients while not sacrificing professional performance. More importantly, some leading organic salon product manufacturers have been eliminating the particularly toxic, carcinogenic, and dangerous ingredients in their products entirely.
The Sinister Seven - 7 Deadly Sins of Salon Product Ingredients
  1. Reg-3 Cocamine: this ingredient has been linked to human organ toxicity and is a suspected carcinogenic and eye and skin irritant. Peg-3 Cocamine is produced by ethoxylating Propylene Glycol and dangerous levels of dioxin are an abundant by-product of the ethoxylation process.

  2. Resorcinol: Strongly linked to human immune system toxicity, cancer, internal organ toxicity, endocrine systems disruption, and skin and eye irritant, this ingredient is most commonly found in hair color and hair dyes.

  3. Ammonia Hydroxide: In simple terms, ammonia hydroxide is ammoniated water. Ammonia is a toxic corrosive and when it is used in hair products, it will severely damage the hair's tyrosine protein which is responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is the hair's natural hair pigmentation and lack of melanin will cause even artificial hair color to fade. Ironically, almost all professional permanent hair color products use high amount of ammonia. It is known human respiratory toxicant, sense organ toxicant, cardiovascular toxicant, and risk to severe health damages increases after repeated use at their is evidence of bioaccumulation in humans.

  4. Phthalates: these hormone disruptors are commonly found in nail polish, perfumes, hair sprays and skin care. They are known to cause damage to the liver and kidneys, birth defects, decreased sperm counts, early puberty onset in girls and early breast development in girls and boys. The Safe Cosmetics Act of California was passed in response to the dangers of phthalates in children's products.

  5. Propylene Glycol: This ingredients easily penetrates the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers Propylene Glycol so toxic that it requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles and to dispose of any Propylene Glycol solutions by burying in the ground. Because Propylene Glycol penetrates the skin so quickly, the EPA warns against skin contact to prevent consequences such as brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

  6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): These two foaming detergents are known to cause serious health threats. They are known to cause depression, labored breathing, eye damage, diarrhea, severe skin irritation, and even death. Recent studies have even indicated that they damage the skin's immune and, when combined with other chemicals, create nitrosamines, which is a very potent class of carcinogens.

  7. Parabens: This ingredient is toxic, even in small amounts. These are widely used cheap preservatives in many salon products. Studies conducted by the Journal of Applied Toxicology revealed parabens have been linked to cancer and commonly found in breast cancer biopsies. They also contribute to sterility in men and hormone imbalances in women as well as early onset puberty in young girls and boys.
Certified Organic Ingredients and Organic Salon Products
In addition to eliminating the use of toxic, dangerous, and carcinogenic ingredients; organic salon products should also maximize the use of nourishing, healthy, natural, and organic ingredients. Many organic salon products claim to be certified organic based on self-certified standards. The most reputable organic certification will come from government agencies or government recognized certification organizations. For products that are manufactured in Europe, the Soil Association of the United Kingdom provides the most reputable source of organic certification. For products that are manufactured in the United States, the United States Food and Drug Administration provides an organic certification program.
Organic salon products often cost slightly more than their chemical based alternative. This is primarily because the organic raw materials are multiple times more expensive for the manufacturer than cheap chemical or synthetic additives. However, advancements in organic technologies, and a broader and deeper understanding of how effective natural ingredients can be, have enabled organic salon products to outperform their chemical based alternatives. This has caused an overwhelming growth in the organic salon market as a huge swell of discerning consumers have realized that, for a little extra money, they can use products that work better and are actually healthy and nourishing for them rather than toxic and dangerous.
Nourishing and Healthy Ingredients in Organic Salon Products
The most desirable and effective certified organic ingredients used in organic salon products include chamomile, sunflower extracts, aloe vera, comfrey root, soy oil, lichen extract, coconut oil, bergamont fruit, wheat protein, orange peel extracts, geranium, grapefruit seed extracts, sweet almonds, citrus extracts, jojoba seed, fennel seed, white willow bark, and sea mayweed.
Organic salon products should also contain nourishing and healthy ingredients like amino acids, anti oxidants, and vitamins such as Vitamins C, E, and B5.
Unfortunately, some of these organic raw ingredients can be quite expensive, especially when compared to the cheaper chemical or synthetic alternatives. However, when selecting organic salon products from or for your Organic Salon, it will always be better to select the most healthy, organic and natural organic salon products that don't sacrifice their performance.
Organic Salon Systems offers a trusted filter for salons or salon professionals committed to providing healthier, more natural, and organic products to their clients. The company's strong ethos, which is committed to providing the most natural, organic, and gentle products without sacrificing professional performance also includes only offering products that are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as being both cruelty free and vegan. With a strong sense of of duty to preserving and protecting our global environment, their organic salon products are also extremely eco-friendly and they offer the world's first biodegradable shampoo bottles that are infused with seeds so that, when planted after use, grow trees. Their products and services can be found at
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